After growing up just south of London, playing in bands together, Nick Blyth and Chris Cheater established The New Coast in 2016. The duo's converging influences, ranging from pop heavyweights like Frank Ocean and The Neighborhood to cinematic composers like Phillip Glass, inspired them to explore new stylistic frontiers. Synthesizing their own brand of dark pop music with their love of the Silver Screen, the duo's records create a sense of space and time, embodying emotion and experience rather than recounting situations.

Cheater is the composer behind The New Coast's cinematic scores, which play like sonic scripts building to soaring crescendos. The arrangements are dappled sunlight, gently rolling waves, drenched in mood with all the colour of a hazy summer. In pleasing contrast, Blyth's lyrics are filled with force of feeling. At once dreamlike and eerily familiar, they strike like the flicker of a half-forgotten moment, creating inescapable twinges of nostalgia, joy, hope, and loss. The lush sensory foundations of The New Coast’s music create a truly unique brand of dark pop music, with astonishing depth.

Not currently on tour.